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Video Podcasting With An Apple Computer

I am curious how many on this forum are doing video podcasting with a Mac and using Garageband?  I have been doing some research and it seems to be the easiest way to go from idea to a completed project.  Does anyone have an issue with the screen size format using Mac's built in podcast format which is essentially a square screen that will fit the IPOD video screen format?  Most of the other screen viewing formats I have seen are using a different screen format.

Sam Miller

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It's funny that I'm running into your post. My broker and I were just discussing see I'm on a Mac/PC (I have a mac with Windows PC on it as well). Anyway, we've seen some work on and apparently it's the next best thing to a commercial and it's actually quite cheap. 

Personally I've been playing with a couple of projects; informational videos that I've put together for clients. The screen hasn't posed to big a problem and they don't look all that bad. So I'd say go for it, give it a shot. It's an affordable way to market.


Ricardo Bueno 

Posted by Ricardo Bueno (Diverse Solutions) about 13 years ago

Hi Richard, I bought a MacBook Pro about a month ago and have been looking at the video sites such as YouTube and Itunes and I just took a podcasting class at the Apple store and it just seems so much easier than my PC software.  I have not created anything for commercial use yet but I have been doing some stuff using Keynote and Garageband and I am improving.  I will post some work when I get something worthy of using for clients.  Sam Miller

Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) about 13 years ago

Sam, I've been wondering how a podcast is different than a video. Is it just a different term for the same thing? I've noticed some videos on YouTube (in the Travel/Places section) that are "ads" for the agent or brokerage. Have these generally been done using a web cam or the camera built into our laptops?

I just had to buy a new laptop after Christmas (Sony Vaio) and it has a built-in camera. I haven't used it for anything yet, and am wondering what I can do with it. 

Posted by Elaine Reese, REALTOR® in central Ohio (Real Living HER, Powell Ohio) about 13 years ago

Elaine, A podcast can be several things. 

First there is the basic podcast which is pretty much a simpe audio file like you would listen to on the radio except you are getting your feed from the internet.  Most of these have a streaming audio feature and most have a download feature for your IPOD or MP3 player so that you can listen to them on the go with your portable unit.

Secondly there is the slideshow podcast which not only uses audio but also uses still photos or slides.  Many of these look like a visual tour type presentation.  These have more power for the average viewer who is watching them on a computer screen or a IPOD video unit.

Third...this is the where the real power is...the video podcast.  This is where you can actually shoot video like a mini movie and either lay a voice over the track or play music (sometimes even both).  This is an amazing way to market your homes and the only downfall we can see with this is that video makes the file size MUCH larger even if compressed which makes the download time longer.  If your market is on dial up this is not a good option for most.

As for your Sony VAIO, yes, even with that camera you could use it to do some very basic photos or basic video but obviously a more professional video camera will produce far greater results.  An idea for your Sony VAIO is for you to use it to do an agent podcast talking about you, your services and your market.

Eliane, hope this helps give you a better understanding and good luck to you.

Sam Miller

Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) about 13 years ago

Thanks for the help. I've done the still photo videos of listings with music, etc. I've also done the "action" videos" using my digital camera in movie mode. I use to compose and edit them to change length, add words or music. With this program, I can embed the video into my web site or blog; I can upload to YouTube; I can download the file to my hard drive; and I can link to the video. Don't care for the last option since OTM uses a lot of their ad in the visual. So I guess I've created a podcast without knowing it!

Now, I just need to put the camera on a tripod and create a pod cast of me rather than my dog watching AFV! Right! I doubt that I'll ever reach the number of views HE has on YouTube, but it would be nice. :-)

Posted by Elaine Reese, REALTOR® in central Ohio (Real Living HER, Powell Ohio) about 13 years ago

I have been doing audio and video podcasting using iMovie, iWeb and Garageband for about a year and a half.

I do (or did... haven't had the time to keep it up!) and audio podcast on Internet Marketing for Realtors. The hardest part for me is not doing the podcast, but actually finding the TIME. That was done with Garageband.

I have also done a video podcast for a client since late 2005 - in fact, this was probably one of the first true video podcasts online for real estate - this I still do (since I'm getting paid for it - I make the time! - LOL!)  These are edited in iMovie, soundtrack laid down with Garageband, and the podcast created with iWeb.

Video podcasts I do in iMovie, then export as a full size file, then compress with iSquint for the iPod, and the podcast is run off of iWeb.  Pretty much a no brainer.  Very easy really. Of course, I also do narrated video tours for this client, so doing a podcast is almost an afterthought. If you aren't already doing a video tour, then it's quite a bit more involved from start to finish, obviously.

Posted by Fred Light, Real Estate Video Tours for MA and NH (| Nashua Video Tours) about 13 years ago
Fred, I have enjoyed many of your posts and your uses and ideas.  Thanks for sharing and maybe some day we will meet at a real estate event.  Sam Miller
Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) almost 13 years ago

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