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Mentoring your way to success in real estate

Every month I listen to the Howard Brinton Star of the Month interviews and if you have never experienced this type of learning it's one of the best ways to learn and stay motivated.  I was in a mastermind session about a month ago with some other top selling agents across the country and we were discussing what enabled  each of us to grow our business to the next level.  We learned something really big from our discussion and the most important common thread we shared was that we all had picked great mentors early in our careers.  A mentor is someone you not only look up to and respect but in many cases it is someone who can hold you accountable to your committment and your goals. 

Early in my career in the early 1990's my mentor was Ralph Roberts of Warren Michigan because he was one of the very first agents to sell 300 to 400 homes a year.  Ralph opened my eyes to what was possible and he took an interest in my success and gave me the confidence to try new things and he knew they worked because he was actively using the same techniques every day in his market.  Ralph taught me how to grow and how to think really big.  In 1995 I got involved with Dr. Fred Grosse who is very well known for his keen understanding of the topic of dollar productive behavior.  Dr. Grosse was able to show me that you don't need mega sized teams to do big business you simply need to focus on productive activities that generate results and delegate non results oriented tasks.  Both these mentors are still active today and have remained friends of mine...and I credit them with a huge degree of my continued success.     

If you love the real estate business and feel like you are stuck at the same production level...a mentor may be the hot ticket for you.

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How much did you pay your mentor, was it per transaction, and what would you suggest a fair mentoring arrangement would be today. I appreciate your input.
Posted by Charles Blumenkehl (Blue Asset Management) almost 14 years ago

Hi Charles, I actually started by paying Ralph Roberts $1,000 to shadow him for a day back in 1991.  The fee to shadow most top agents starts at $1,000 and goes up from there depending on the level of business they are at.  I can tell you the best money I ever spend was shadowing Ralph because that single day inspired me to set a goal to sell more 365 transactions in a single year which was a very powerful goal for me.  When I was mentoring under Dr. Grosse we put a group of 25 of us together all meeting together with him 6 times a year for 2 days at a time and we did phone consulting once a month.  We each paid $5,000 for a year of consulting and my business grew by over 40% in a single year so it was the second best money I ever spent.  Your way of thinking will quickly be expanded once you work with a good mentor.

Best of luck and happy selling!

Sam Miller 


Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) almost 14 years ago
Sam - Interesting post - I do get the monthly Star Power package from Howard - but have not encountered Dr. Grosse before.  Is he still around?
Posted by Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Associate Brokers, Haven Express @ Keller Williams Arizona Realty (Serving the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale Metropolitan Area) almost 14 years ago
Sam, I haven't done the mentoring (though I'm sure it's as valuable for oldies as for newbies), but I have gained so much from groups such as the CyberStars - when you see a particular aspect that someone is doing very well, you can talk with them and have them share ideas - kind of like a mini-mentor.  Also, our Accountability Group (aka mastermind group) through CyberStars has been of great value.
Posted by Sharon Simms, St. Petersburg FL - CRS CIPS CLHMS RSPS (Coastal Properties Group International - Christie's International) almost 14 years ago
Tony, Dr Grosse is still around and he does events around the world regularly.  His U.S. office in Phoenix.  I actually met Dr. Grosse through Tim Baker and Bob Wolfe  You can check him our at  Best of luck to you Tony.
Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) almost 14 years ago
Sharon, I agree with you about the Cyberstar group being a huge benefit and the amount of new fresh ideas flowing daily is amazing plus the level of friendships that are made from the group are wonderful.  I was video conferencing with Ira Serkes from the Cyberstar Group Friday night on my new MAC and we chatted online for an hour (Ira is a sharp and giving guy).  Thanks Sharon for your comments.
Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) almost 14 years ago

What I don't understand about all these top producing agennts gone seminar trainers is why they would give it up?  Does anybody really get off a train while it's rolling down the tracks at full speed?

Greg Z

Posted by Greg Zaccagni, Illinois Mortgage Lender (The Federal Savings Bank) over 13 years ago
Greg Z,
Many agents who become speakers do so with the idea that they will not be chasing listing and sales business any more.  Most of the folks I know made the move because they pushed their real estate business to the limit and their spouses had enough of them being gone day in and day out.  They believed the training scene would have them away from home 5 or 6 days a month and they could earn a fee for the seminar,sell tapes, CD's, training videos and other stuff and earn simiar money to being a top agent.  In most cases the agent gone speaker quickly realizes there is more speaking and traveling required and they need to travel a bunch.  You need a very understanding spouse to be on the road as a speaker and even then it can still be a challenge.  
Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) over 13 years ago

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