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Apple iOS 6 for Realtors

Michael shares some great details about the iOS6 update and enhancement.  One of the new features that i like the best is the ability to post photos to social media sites without having to open thgose can simply post directly from the photo app which not only saves time but also battery life.

With the launch of the brand new iPhone 5 last week, Apple also introduced the latest version of its operating system iOS 6. Regardless of whether you were one of the millions worldwide who picked up the latest iPhone, if you have any of Apple’s mobile devices, including the iPhone 4, 4S, and iPad, then you were no doubt prompted by your device to upgrade to iOS 6.

And, of course, if you are working in real estate, you probably clicked the upgrade button, let your device update in the background, and then promptly got back to dealing with the 50 tasks ahead of you for the day without really having a chance to see what the update was about.

Apple has provided an easy and straightforward site to help users get to know all the new features presented in iOS 6, but here are some of what might be the most relevant for the real estate professional:

Facebook Integration: Despite all that IPO business, we’re still all on Facebook and using it daily. Apple has made it even easier for us by providing a handy shortcut: you can now post to Facebook straight from other apps. This is great for instantly updating photos you take to your company page or marking the location of a listing straight from Maps. You can even have Siri post updates for you.

Passbook: This brand new feature is an all-in-one holder for tickets, coupons, gift cards, and passes. Sudden gate changes at the airport? Passbook will let you know instantly. Enjoy offering gift cards and other such incentives to potential clients? They are a lot more appealing when the recipient doesn’t have to worry about hauling them around everywhere. Passbook also makes it easy to check on things such as balances, seat numbers, and expiration dates.

Expanded Phone Options: If you’re using an iPhone, you now have more options to choose from when receiving calls. Have to decline a call because you’re in an important meeting? You can choose to reply instantly with a text message or have your phone save a reminder to return the call. There’s also a new Do Not Disturb function that will make sure you don’t receive interruptions except from personally selected contacts.

Maps: Perhaps the most controversial addition, due to the removal of the popular Google Maps from iPhone 5, the latest Maps feature from Apple promises some interesting new features. Offering breathtaking views with its Flyover option, the Maps app also provides spoken turn-by-turn navigation to truly turn the device into a GPS. In addition, real-time traffic updates are an incredible help to those of us who spend a lot of time on the road.

- Michael Kara
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I'm going to have to move up in the world. I really enjoy seeing all these innovations but don't' have a clue as to how to use them.

Posted by Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809 (, covering the USA) almost 8 years ago

I'm glad I caught your repost.  I missed the original.  It was worth reposting!

Posted by Nancy Frimann (Eagle Ridge Realty/Signature Homes & Estates) almost 8 years ago

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