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ActiveRain Points Breakdown | Down the Rabbit Hole

This is a great blog that really does a great job of explaining the ActiveRain points system.  I was unaware of a few of these items and had no idea that I needed to enhance my profile content.  This blog helped me and I hope by reblogging it that it helps you as well.


Hello, ActiveRain! :)

I get a lot of questions about the ActiveRain points breakdown and HOW to get them, so here's a guide about what's what for those curious(er and curiouser!)

The First Step

ActiveRain Points BreakdownSo, you just joined ActiveRain. Or maybe you’ve been on here for a while, and aren’t sure you’ve flushed your profile as well as you could have - are wondering if there’s more points you can get out of it. Are you feeling RUSHED to start cranking out those points? This takes all the worry out of feeling like you're late.. for a very important date!

100 pts for activating your real estate profile

100 pts for adding a primary phone number

50 pts for viewing your profile scoring summary - this is where you can keep track of what you’ve earned, too!

145 pts for short description in your profile. You're limited by the number of characters, so use them all.

1,500 pts for adding content to your About Me section

1,500 pts for adding content to your Certifications section

1,500 pts for adding content to your Testimonials section

On these, length matters! If you see you haven’t reached this max number, flush it out - talk more about YOU!

1,080 pts for uploading a HD Profile Photo - this is a photo that’s over 600x600 pixels!

750 pts for being a Speed Demonand writing your first blog in the first 48 hours of creating your profile!

500 pts for posting an ActiveRain success story!

The Day to Day

ActiveRain Points BreakdownWoohoo! So you’re profile is super flushed out, and if you’ve done everything you’ve already got 7,225 points! Holy cow!

But that’s not enough - you know it, I know it - you want more. You may even say it's MADDENING!

25 pts for every blog comment you make. Make them meaningful. They need to be at least 50 characters! Keep in mind that ActiveRain is on Pacific Standard Time, so get those comments in daily between 12am PST and 11:50pm PST. (Pssst, that’s 1,750 pts per week!)

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment more than 10 times a day! Each comment you make has the potential of drawing that member back to your blog - much of our Community believes in a comment for a comment!

And per a secret algorithm on our site, you get extra points on your blog when people are commenting! This formula is super secret, but keep in mind there is a maximum amount of points you can earn for comments on your blog, and the first two comments won’t count for points.

200 pts for posting a blog that is over 50 words. You also get points for 10 a week, again Pacific Standard Time - Monday morning through Sunday night. But obviously, if you have it in you to post more than 10 blogs a week - do so! Even once you’ve exceeded your 10 for the week, you still get points if people comment on your blog. You still get points for people commenting on your blog!

25 pts if you also include your blog in a Channel!

100 pts if your blog is Featured! This elusive, coveted honor not only rewards you in points, but also features you on the first page of ActiveRain... that’s MORE comments! Woohoo!

25 pts if you re-blog someone else’s blog post. There’s a maximum of 10 re-blogs you can earn points for per week, but why not re-blog more? If you re-blog someone, they may re-blog you back, and yes.. there’s points for that!

25 pts if one of your blogs gets re-blogged!

10 pts for reporting a spam comment - up to 10 a day!

250 pts if someone accepts your Invite to join ActiveRain! On top of that, you will earn 10% of the points they earn.. FOREVER! So invite your Real Estate buddies, then share this guide with them. ;)

There are also BONUS POINTS, which you can earn by joining certain Groups (like Pay it Forward!), getting rewarded by us ActiveRain “Gods” as our members have so endearingly named us for random good Samaritan deeds around the site, and joining contests!

ActiveRain Points Breakdown

I hope this guide was helpful!

Don't get discouraged

if you see members with hundreds of

thousands of points, or even those

few who have hit the 1,000,000 mark!

You can get there too, hopefully a

bit easier now that you have a grasp

of the ActiveRain Points Breakdown..

nothing's impossible!

Now get out there, earn those points, and Make it Rain!


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Comment balloon 6 commentsSam Miller • August 08 2012 06:05PM


This is extremly helpful inforamtion for new  and existing members.  

Thanks so much for sharing and enlightening us today!

Posted by Tamara Schuster, Realtor Broker - Naperville (Naperville Glen Ellyn Lisle Plainfield Wheaton Illinois) about 8 years ago

Sam, this may be one of the easiest accounting of points I've ever read.  Glad you took the time to repost it.

Posted by Mona Gersky, GRI,IMSD-Taking the mystery out of real estate. (MoonDancer Realty, Dillsboro,NC) about 8 years ago

Great post on breaking down the points structure of active rain. I always forget about the new invites to active rain.

Posted by Carolyn Crispin, Crispin Team Sells Branson Homes Land & Commercial (Keller Williams Tri-Lakes) about 8 years ago

Tamara - Thanks and I thought the original post might get missed so I thought reblogging was a good idea.

Mona - I agree that the original blog was very well done and it is easy to find areas that we can all improve on.

Carolyn - New invites can be a great addition and it can help you challenge each other which makes for some added fun and a little friendly competition.


Posted by Sam Miller, Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist (RE/MAX Stars Realty) about 8 years ago

This blog is very helpful because I haven't learned about all the different way points are calculated on ActiveRain.  

Posted by Erica Miller about 8 years ago

Thanks for the reblog, Sam! I'm glad the points summary helped, and can't wait to see you do great things on the 'Rain! :)

Posted by Kristi Knutson, Blog Trainer ☂ about 8 years ago

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